Pioneer classKimani Ngunjiri High School is an equal opportunity educational institution established to mitigate the souring levels of illiteracy and the evidently endemic negative attitude towards education amongst the members of the immediate catchment – community of Kirima Village.  That decision having been made about four years ago, the most immediate challenge was to change the negative attitude which was threatening to get out of hand.

The fundamental objectives of setting up the school were twofold:-
To cater for the educational needs of the local community by reducing the distance that students had to travel in search of education.
To change the attitude of the local community on the value of education in the development of the area.
The school started literally from the scratch; without any infrastructure. It never had a classroom, a compound, an office not even a flag. To start with, the school had to share everything with the parent primary school.
The leadership of the principal, the pioneer of the school provided the impetus for the achievement of the objectives of the school. Under her able leadership we have been able to construct four classrooms, purchase a water tank, set up toilets and other conveniences and above all a science laboratory. The expansion of the laboratory is currently underway.

We would not have achieved this feat without the assistance of and partnership with the Ministry of Education , the Catholic Diocese of Nakuru and the local CDF  committee. These entities have worked jointly with us to facilitate the setting up of the infrastructure and provision of staff to run our institution. Our institution would not have achieved any amount of success without a team of dedicated teachers and the non-teaching staff.

Looking back, we can confidently state that we have made a quantum leap toward the achievement of our set objectives. Though we cannot boast of academic excellence in the two national examinations that our students have sat, we can confidently state that we are on the right track. The very fact that we have been able to change the attitude is evidence of good tidings ahead.

Our mission statement is: To empower learners through quality education by focusing on diligence, integrity and high level discipline to transform self and society for the glory of God.

GITHUI .J. – Chairman BOM
LL.M (University of South Africa)
LL.B. (University of Nairobi)

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